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The Bude and North Cornwall golf course is a 126 year old links course on the North Cornwall coast. It is a favourite with golf societies who tour Cornwall. A feature of the course is that it is a stone’s throw from the town centre, surrounded by brightly coloured terraced town houses, and offers coastal views. Similar to many links courses, there is a public footpath through the course with walkers having the right of way.

The course represents a tough challenge particularly for a newcomer. There are many blind holes and greens and the rough is punishing. There are no fewer than nine holes with marker posts, many of which indicate the hole you are playing. Many shots can be played with the satisfaction that they hit the fairway or green only to find that a blind mound has catapulted the ball into the rough or a ditch.

A quirky feature is a local rule pertaining to the 15th hole which affords a considerable advantage to those who have previously played the course. There is a blind ditch some 30 yards before the green. Immediately behind the green is a twenty foot high net which protects a residential property from errant approach shots. The locals will over-club their approach shot in the knowledge that the local rule permits a free drop no nearer the hole if the ball hits the net and becomes unplayable. As the drop is no more than two foot from the green, the rule is generous for those who are aware of it.

Every par 3 on the course presents a test as they have protection afforded by bunkers, ditches, or elevations that run the ball into trouble if you are not accurate from the tee. Particularly challenging is the 220 yard par 3 hole 14 which is often into the wind and requires a carry of 160 yards over a long strip of narrow, unplayable rough.  The stroke index 1 hole 6 provides, in my opinion, the signature hole of the course. The hole requires an accurate drive over the marker post into a valley followed by an approach shot to a 20 foot steeply elevated green, protected at the front by rough and on the left by bunkers.


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